Serving the 
Bartlesville area for 58 years.

Since 1954, when Rex Jones first began his practice the firm has been built upon the philosophy of performing the highest quality service. We are especially blessed with a staff that is enthusiastic, intelligent and interested in each other and our clients. Our backgrounds are many and all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the tasks at hand. We are so diverse that we almost always achieve a “match” with each of our clients. We are proud of this win-win combination. Of our 16 members, 5 are C.P.A.’s with 2 more actively seeking certification. We have other professional staff members who are completing designations in taxes and business valuations. All full-time professional staff obtain a minimum of 40 hours per year in continuing professional education. Our senior network computer consultant brings over 20 years of hardware, software and communication experience to aid with our client’s growth plans or with any computerized accounting problems they may have.

Today, just as when we were founded, we live and practice a philosophy of, “Performing the Highest Quality Service Possible,” for our clients. “Our commitment to you, “ stated below, is part of this service. Also, to assure this quality, we have developed a combination of external and internal controls. Externally, we submit ourselves to evaluation by our peers through our membership in the Private Companies Practice Section of the Division for CPA Firms of the AICPA. We are proud to have completed four Peer Reviews with unqualified options on each. Internally we depend on a hiring policy of demonstrated superiority, combined with experience, continued education, annual inspection and review of achievement.

We commit significant amounts of resources each year in meeting the challenge of keeping up with current developments and exploring additional services. Within a dynamic economy, it is a constant challenge to choose those services that most benefit our client friends. Our management services include: full controllership of businesses, sales and acquisitions of businesses, buy-sell agreements, computer hardware and software acquisition, installation and training, business plans and personnel selection and training. Our personal financial planning services cover comprehensive plans to specific purposes engagements that accomplish a single or multiple objective. Tax planning and compliance, including Individual, Business, Estate and Fiduciary, have always been a large segment of the firm’s services. Other services include: bookkeeping with payroll, sales tax reporting, auditing reviews and compilations, IRS representation, and computer related services.

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